Brandon – The Driver


Brandon is a the son of a rental car business in Costa Rica. He spends his days at the airport in San Jose trying to get a slice of the business the big car rental companies have a strong hold on. This is his story:

The Past

Brandon has grown up and lived his entire life in San Jose. His father started the car rental business several years ago. He runs a small operation, with one location and only space for about 5 vehicles he can rent at a time.

Being in a country dominated by tourism, Brandon and his father have tried to make a living on providing a service to those in need. He loves meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories and getting to help them just a little. Brandon is kind and a good listener, he likes to give quality service to his customers and his business relies on that. He doesn’t always have the best vehicles, but he does the best he can with the means he has.

San Jose Airport Car Rental

The Future

He is young and enthusiastic about the future. Brandon saw some setbacks during the COVID pandemic, but he also saw opportunity. When other big name brands weren’t renting cars, he was able to provide service to the fewer visitors coming to his country.

He loves the idea of learning new cultures and new languages and feels that only speaking Spanish and a little English right now, limits him in what he can do and communicate to his customers. He hopes to learn more and grow his father’s business to give himself more opportunities and potentially to have the chance to rent a car in a foreign country for himself.

Car Rental

His Perspective

Brandon is focused on customer service and connecting with people. He has no real advertising options other than him and a few employees waiting outside the airport, hoping to convince a tourist to book his car. Yet with issues with Herts, Enterprise and other major competitors running out of cars or not holding reservations, Brandon has been able to help with others cannot.

He feels optimistic and happy about the future. He makes enough for his needs and works with family, which he feels is a good setup. Brandon doesn’t plan to make millions or travel the world, but he has what he needs and enjoys the simple pleasures of life in working with those he’s closest to and in meeting and connecting with new people.

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