Marta – The Mother


Marta has gone through significant early experiences in her life to give her a unique perspective on the world around her. She has grown from challenge and able to gleam the good from difficult circumstances. She has cultivated a focus on the real instead of the fleeting. Marta is a mother of two young girls and lives in the Catalan town of Vilassar de Mar. This is her story:

The Past

Marta’s changing point in life came when she was a very young child. On vacation with her family, a fire broke out in her camper. Marta and her sister were both barely able to escape the flames with their lives, and suffered terrible burns. But their mother was not as fortunate and never made it out of the fire. After losing her mother in the accident, Marta’s life changed completely. The challenge and pain of persistent medical complications, from skin grafts to surgeries, paled in comparison to the emotional pain of missing her mother.

The fire shaped a big portion of her understanding, having a better perspective on the fragility of life. Yet it also paved the way for a deeper understanding and focus on relationships. She understands the importance of family relationships as well as valuing human connection at any level. Being able to connect with family, friends, neighbors and even strangers is of utmost importance to Marta. She is simply a good and kind person and that is what is most important to her, improving the world through kindness. 

She lives in Catalonia and, as the mother of two children, is very focused on providing happiness for her two daughters. She wants her children to experience the freedom of agency as well as the ability to make mistakes and choose for themselves what they want, who they will be and what is important to them. Catalonia, as a people, are focused on independence and freedoms and know what suppression of rights feels like. They have long sought separation or better representation in Spanish government. They want their voice heard, even as a minority. In the same way Marta treats her children with respect by giving them a voice, a valid voice that she listens to and often follows, even when she disagrees. She’s able to see how choice can bring happiness and experience, even if someone else may know better. She’s able to give such freedom to her children, while still guiding and directing them in more important decisions in life. 

Catalonians are often seen as a part of Spain in almost every way. Their main city of Barcelona seems like any other Spanish city, yet their language and much of their culture does separate them from other Spaniards. As in most European nations, the borders of the countries were arbitrarily created by natural landmarks with no consideration for the differences of the people. Many colonization and conquering practices throughout the world have combined unlike people together. In these circumstances, typically the majority reject or suppress things of importance to the minority people or peoples and focuses on their own power. Catalonia is one such location that has long been overlooked by the world and often silenced in Spain. Marta feels having even just more representation in the government would greatly increase equality and freedoms for the people in this part of the world. 

Catalan Protests

The Future

Marta had a successful business, even as a young woman, where she was able to connect models with photographers. She used her abilities to connect people with their passions and was able to help them successfully progress their careers forward. Ever since the incident with the fire, Marta has been striving to connect with people in a passionate and meaningful way, as she knew life could be very fleeting.

She’s defined by her human connections. She is driven by her generosity and desire to help people. Marta tends to focus on those closest to her, including in her community. She organized the connection from local farmers to deliver their food and goods directly to the people in their community. She plans to continue helping in her community in order to improve their small part of the world for her daughters’ futures.

Her Perspective

Marta chooses to raise her daughters without TV, without sugar and with high levels of freedom to choose. Many people judge her parenting strategy, because it’s different from their own, as progressive or modern, which can sometimes cause them to worry it simply won’t work. But no one can deny that Marta loves her children and would do anything to see them successful and happy in life. Her life has been centered on human connection, and her daughters are at the center of that center.

Despite a tragic fire taking so much in her early life, she has been able to overcome and gain from her loss. Marta chose to learn from her experience and focuses so entirely on people before possessions or even herself. Her perspective allows her to give outwardly and exude kindness to all those around her. Friends, family and especially her children define who she is and her drive to become better. 

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