Job – The Immigrant


Job has lived most of his life as an immigrant. He grew up in the Philippines, but has lived the last 42 years in the United States. This is his story:

The Past

Job has lived his life with the same mentality as his namesake from the Bible, with a consistent positivity regardless of challenges he came across. He started from humble beginnings in a small village in the island country of the Philippines. Early on he seized the opportunity to improve his life and take his skills to give his posterity a better life. His father was in the military and after World War II and because of the United States’ close relationship with the Pilipino military, his father was given the opportunity to migrate to America.

In his teens he traveled with his father to California and quickly established long term roots. He took up employment at one of San Diego’s most iconic resorts, the San Diego Zoo. Through his work, he learned to love the park, the animals and the people. His experience as a maintenance technician gave him hands on exposure with the hundreds of animals and millions of tourists each year. From animal escapes, destroyed enclosures and talking to visitors from nearly every country has allowed Job to combined his skills with his passions – working with his hands and talking with and helping others.

His work helped him see the cycle of life, both in the animal world, the construction and maintenance world, and the people who visit the zoo. “It’s been a great career. I’ve never needed a gym membership, because my work was has provided the physical exercise I need,” Job recalls. His positive attitude to see the brighter side of life in any situation. He never shied away from manual labor and finds a way to make a difference in everything he is asked to do.


Family means everything to Job. His two children live in the United States as well, but have since moved to other parts of the country. He first grandchild is on the way and he is looking forward to seeing his posterity grow and grow comfortably because of his sacrifices. People is where Job finds joy, and his family is the center of people for him.

Downtown San Diego skyline

The Future

Job is now retired and spends plenty of time at his old work, the San Diego Zoo. With his lifetime membership, he likes to spend time touring the park and engaging with the visitors. He loves connecting with people and helping explain some of the wonders of the park.

His life is focused on positivity and focusing on the glass half full, instead of focusing on failures or missed opportunities. He never recalled a negative memory, he finds the positive regardless of what is happening around him. Some may find his experiences as tragic, but he saw them all as ways to get him where he is today.

His Perspective

Job maintains his positivity in his every situation and remembers back on his life as a life well lived, with adventure, connection, family and love. Positive outlook makes something out of anything and Job had a knack for seeing the benefit. His perspective shows how seeing pleasure from pain, growth and opportunity from difficulty, leads to a life well lived.

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