Alex – The Monkey Whisperer


Alex is tour guide in the estuaries in southern Costa Rica and loves his job with the opportunities it gives him to show off his skills and knowledge of the wildlife in his home country. This is his story:

Family Life

Alex loves children and has adopted and saved 3 kids from abandonment and drug abusive environments. His most recent adopted child, who is now 16 years old, was left at a park by his mother when he was just 22 days old. Alex helped nurse him back to life and provided a safe haven for him to learn and grow. It has come with challenges and even issues from obvious fetal drug and alcohol syndrome, but Alex enjoys helping life thrive where it sometimes appears hopeless.

He also has two daughters who are 28 and 22, who were adopted and rescued from drug addicted biological families as well. Alex talks about his children being the purpose and center of his life. He does everything he can for them.

Now that his daughters are grown, he has also become a grandfather to two grandsons, ages 3 and 15. Seeing his children make a life of their own and thrive, when their start in this world seemed so bleak, gives Alex the fulfillment and joy many of us seek in this life.

Costa Rican Crocodiles


Yet despite his focus on family, Alex also has a particularly exciting day job. With his talent for mimicking over 100 different kinds of animal sounds, Alex has thrived giving tourists boat tours in the mangrove rivers in Quepos, Costa Rica.

At work, he’s known as crazy Alex for both his sound mimicking capabilities and his habit of diving in the river during night tours to pull crocodiles out of the water. His abilities to spot the tiniest animal life, call his white face monkeys to food, and get the basilisks lizards to do their signature move of walking across the water, has led him to a successful career in the tourism industry. He loves his job, but he does it all for his children, so they can grow up and have even more opportunities than he’s had.

Monkeys coming down after Alex’s calls

His Perspective

Life is about what you make of it and how you can give just a little joy and happiness to others. Alex loves taking risks for the benefit of others. Adopting children is always a difficult decision, but Alex jumps in head first, as if diving in to wrestle a crocodile, so the joy and admiration of those around him. Alex feels life is meant to be lived and to add joy to those around you in the most meaningful ways. His focus on family, even from his origins living in the small and poor islands of Las Damas, has centered his goal on connection to those in need.

With such a focus on joy and risk taking, Alex feels his perspective changes day to day with each exciting new adventure that the new day offers him.

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