Josefina – The Empanada Maker


Josefina works in a family owned restaurant outside the city of Jaco selling empanadas from a recipe passed down from generations. This is her story:

The Family Business

Doing what they’ve always known in the family, just in a new place now, Josefina continues the family business of making special Argentine empanadas. She joined her cousins who came years three years earlier to establish the business in Costa Rica.

She has enjoyed the family recipe invented by her grandmother and now passed to a third generation of cooks to provide a delicious source of income. As the economy in Argentina changed, both due to COVID and political changes, they traveled to Costa Rica to setup new roots. Not everyone joined, but they’ve found business to be better in a more tourist focused country.

Restaurant and Life Rules

Life Rules

With a bubbling personality that caters to her customers, Josefina lives her life by ten rules that center on authenticity and taking risks to improve your life. Her business and life is setup on these rules and help her in her journey to a new country and the uncertainties that have followed.

Josefina has a desire for improving life, both for her and those around her. She believes in responsibility, taking ownership, and forgiving those have wronged you. Rule number ten, “for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness” drives her focus in life. Happiness in business, happiness in family, and happiness with others is her goal.

Beachside Restaurant

Her Perspective

Josefina has taken many risks in life. It’s difficult to be a business owner and entrepreneur. More so when you are in a foreign country, in an extremely competitive industry like restaurants, and as a woman. She relies on her ten rules for all that she does, both in business and life, and points to these principles as the reason for the success she’s seen so far.

She doesn’t have everything she’s ever wanted, but because of her work ethic, focus and her 10 rules, she’s realizing she has what she needs. She feels anyone can really be successful in life following those same 10 rules.

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