Miguel – The Tennis Enthusiast


Miguel has been a tennis fan his entire life and reflects on lessons from the game as relatable to his life. This is his story:

Old Drunk Men

As a group coming to the Indian Wells tennis tournament for some time, making the drive from Mexicali, he talked about his group of four as a bunch of “old drunk men.” He says they are set in their ways and relying on their experience from life to give them perspective. He is relaxed, easy going and likes to take things one step at a time. He’s learned much about other cultures and languages from relationships he’s had throughout his life. “The best way to learn a new language and culture is to get a girlfriend who speaks that language or is from that culture.”

His group of four were at the tennis stadium supporting the oldest mens singles player in the tournament, Stan Wawrinka. They were there cheering him on as they related to him as the old man of the tournament. He represented for them the good old days of tennis, where grit and power were valued above finesse and strategy.


His Perspective

Miguel is a man who has learned to let the little things go. Stressing about things you cannot control just simply adds no value to his life. He lives within his means, works hard for his wages and enjoys the simple pleasures in life.

Sincerity and honesty are his two life pillars. He feels that living honestly guide his perspective in life and has led him to good friends, strong family connections and a life well lived.

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