Pitin – The Payaso


Pitin has been a street performer in several countries, with talents and hopes to bring a smile to as many faces as possible. This is his story:

Life on the Streets

Pitin grew up in Mexico and has been performing as a street clown for years. He doesn’t make a lot, but he does what he can to survive while still adding joy to the world instead of being a burden. He’s a hard worker, it’s not easy to go out every day in clown makeup with a few balloons and perform with no guarantee that people passing by will appreciate his efforts or contribute to him earning his next meal.

Yet Pitin keeps a positive outlook. He’s found, unlike others who perform in the street, he’s willing to give to those without expecting any monetary reward. His genuine desire is to bring a smile to peoples’ faces as they pass by. He is particularly good at lighting up a child’s face and that typically spreads to the parent and others watching nearby.

Pitin on the Streets

His Perspective

Pitin lives a simple life and currently performs on the streets in San Jose, Costa Rica. He always has a smile on his face and tries to make it as contagious as possible. His views toward the world, that can sometimes be cruel, indifferent or overlooking, is that he can either choose to add what he can or become bitter and sour. He chooses joy, and has to choose it every day as he finds little ways to bring joy to those who see him.

When he chooses joy and happiness, he gets more out of his time performing on the streets than he could ever imagine, regardless of the monetary payout, he’s found a way to be happy.

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