Moses – The Aspiring Soccer Player


Moses lives in a small house on the edge of a vast jungle outside of La Fortuna, Costa Rica. His goal is to do as much with his life as possible to pave a better way for his own future as well as his future children. This is his story:


Living behind a commercial area, Moses doesn’t live in a neighborhood. He has his younger sister, 6, and a little brother who is only five months old. Yet his problem in living outside of a neighborhood is there’s no one to play soccer with. He has setup rock goal posts in the muddy area in front of his house to play, but rarely gets a chance to play with other kids beyond his little sister.

He hopes that one day he can move to a place where more children live and where he can spend time his with his peers, improving his soccer skills. Although Moses does spend his weekdays in school, it’s far away and he doesn’t feel he knows the other students well. He studies hard and is trying to make a path to a better life.

Backyard Beauty

His Perspective

As many young boys often do, Moses dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. But he knows his options are limited. With a father working on the Yucca farm miles away, barely able to make ends meet, he doesn’t have the luxury of many options right now. He wants that to change in the future and sees the best way forward as focusing on his studies and doing well in school.

Although he has a mother and father in the home, he, as the oldest sibling, often feels like the provider and care giver to his family. He takes on a lot, but hopes one day to give his future family the freedom to not have the burdens of such responsibilities so young in life.

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