Joseph – The Plant Expert


Joseph works in a family run business at a nursery in Alajuela, Costa Rica. He spends his days with the plants, nurturing and helping them grow to their full potential. This is his story:


The family business has been around for a few generation. Joseph works at Vivero Ocampo with his father who is the owner, and a new partner they recently brought on to help with business. Joseph takes pride in his plants and knows the needs for each individual plant to flower or produce delicious fruit.

Plants are his life and he immerses himself in caring for and understanding the best tactics for cultivating the most fruitful plants. He mostly sells his plants and trees for residential and commercial landscaping, but he also has several fruit and herbal plants used for consumption.

The Garden Trees

His Perspective

Joseph believes that giving and being generous in life is the key to happiness. For those that come to visit his nursery, he welcomes them with open arms, free tours and plenty of fruit samples. He feels connected to people when he can give and seeks no immediate reward in return other than the feeling of doing something good for those who come to his nursery.

His knowledge of plants allows him to offer something unique to his customers and his warm and welcoming personality gives both his visitors and himself a deep sense of genuine connection. His perspective in life is that as you cherish the simple things and give willingly when you can, happiness will always follow.

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